Thursday, March 2, 2017

Missoula Super Position

This week three of us drove to Missoula to see P.O.S. play at Monks. I didn't take photos of the show. I took photos of us, and the city.

I miss a quark
And my dark parts wish I didn't
She called me buster and gutted me at the finish
And then it ended-
Only clean break ever and I love her more now prolly cuz of that
In the black
I miss a writer
Who never quite took my edits

I built a pedestal taller than she could let it
And I love her more now cuz of that
Infinite slack
I tied my own rope she took it back
In the red -
Balancing books and
Pre cum promises
When love is mean enough to go where it's not wanted and
Fuck up a good simple an sweet
Campsite rules
Hope it's better when you leave
I miss myself without these calluses
Only hate two and call em dad so the irony could can cut through
I won't be at either funeral
I don't need to see I disrespect them gleefully and eat the pain, rage and guilt
I keep it deep in me
Release my fist
When my ashes hit the pacific and I'm infinitely swimming in the ether
Where the teachers be-

Thumbs up
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P.O.S. "Sleepdrone/Superposition"


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